Underneath the Arches

July 17, 2011

Arch#1 New Mills Viaduct – Sheltered from the driving rain, trying to remember how to climb by crabbing back and forth along the chalky traverse. It’s damp and a little unnerving with big drips threatening to knock out my contact lenses when leaning back, straight armed to shake out the pump from my out-of-condition forearms. Enthusiasm and the psyche is low for rock climbing. The weather is awful and the grim outdoor gyms of Raven Tor and The Cornice the only venues available. I’m not in the mood for dangling around trying moves on other peoples warmups.


Arch#2 MOSI, Manchester. Bjork. The stage is surrounded with Heath Robinson-esque musical contraptions. Bouncing along to a bassline generated by a Tesla coil; strange oriental strings on ginourmous pendulums; a beautiful Icelandic girls choir. Bjork the entertainer in a huge red Afro wig. Tremendous.

Arch#3 the San Siro Italy, uncomfortably watching Robbie Williams having a what appears to be a bi-polar breakdown in front of 75000 people.

Listening to: EMA, Off!, James Blake, Tek 9, Gatto Fritto.
Reading: Hitch22, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (in Cheshire/Scouse by S Armitage), Phil Baker’s Bio of AOS, Dan John.



June 22, 2011

Sat in the car in the lay-by above Cheedale waiting for Martin, waiting for the rain to stop and wondering when motivation is going to come back.

To climb well you’ve got to try hard. Try hard and enjoy it and I don’t seem to be able to do either at the moment. I’m either tired or just not able to get out due to work, the weather or other commitments. I’d rather poke my eyes out than go climb indoors.

I should probably quit for a bit or at least sack off clipping bolts and go up to the mountains for some adventure. Greasing around down Cheedale on routes that are too hard, even the ones I’ve done before is just not fun.

(I wrote this yesterday evening on the phone before heading down the Wye Valley on the longest day of the Summer. It was better than I’d anticipated….. )