All the King’s horses

March 29, 2013



A long way from home

October 21, 2012

June 1971, Soyuz 11 undocked from the Salyut 1 orbital space station. Forty seconds later, the three cosmonauts suffered cardiac arrest in the vacuum as the pressure in the damaged capsule mirrored that of the empty space outside its confines. The ground crew waiting in Kazakhstan knew nothing until they opened the capsule to hail their returning heroes and found three silent unmoving men. Patsayev sustained bruising to his hand in an attempt to manually shut the valves to save himself and his crew members. Far from home, in a lonely place.

Some days

September 19, 2012

Some days feel like this


and others like


It feels much later in the day than the hour that the short hand of the clock is pointing toward. I just need food, wine and a good sleep after hearing someone say that when you fly, it takes a while for your soul to catch up. Mumbo jumbo of course, but perhaps I got on that train down south or drove to Wales too quickly after landing and mine is wandering aimlessly on the hard shoulder of the M56 somewhere near Warrington, clutching a half eaten sandwich and a cold cup of coffee…

Underneath the Arches

July 17, 2011

Arch#1 New Mills Viaduct – Sheltered from the driving rain, trying to remember how to climb by crabbing back and forth along the chalky traverse. It’s damp and a little unnerving with big drips threatening to knock out my contact lenses when leaning back, straight armed to shake out the pump from my out-of-condition forearms. Enthusiasm and the psyche is low for rock climbing. The weather is awful and the grim outdoor gyms of Raven Tor and The Cornice the only venues available. I’m not in the mood for dangling around trying moves on other peoples warmups.


Arch#2 MOSI, Manchester. Bjork. The stage is surrounded with Heath Robinson-esque musical contraptions. Bouncing along to a bassline generated by a Tesla coil; strange oriental strings on ginourmous pendulums; a beautiful Icelandic girls choir. Bjork the entertainer in a huge red Afro wig. Tremendous.

Arch#3 the San Siro Italy, uncomfortably watching Robbie Williams having a what appears to be a bi-polar breakdown in front of 75000 people.

Listening to: EMA, Off!, James Blake, Tek 9, Gatto Fritto.
Reading: Hitch22, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (in Cheshire/Scouse by S Armitage), Phil Baker’s Bio of AOS, Dan John.

I honestly thought I wouldn’t miss this but I did. Thinking it was a distraction and a drain, I foolishly cut loose and relegated all my words and the accumulated goodwill to the dustbin. Selfish of me and I really should have known better.

Less noise this time around I think.